About Me

For the past 5  years, I have really enjoyed working as a Teacher and a School Literacy Coach.  Sometimes I learn more from watching others teach than I do teaching myself.
Here is my "I am" poem that talks about all of the different aspects of my life...

I Am...
I am me, Amy, wife, mom, teacher, coach...and a writer?!
I wonder if I can really write and slice everyday…
I hear twinkling music, snoring, coughing, crying…
I see streetlights, headlights, nightlights, desk lights.
I want a quiet moment with the keys and the screen!
I am me, Amy, wife, mom, teacher, coach and a writer?
I pretend I am listening really thinking-but my mind is drifting…about my next slice of life
I feel a shiver, a shudder, a quiver-wondering if I can be free?
I touch the keys to break free from distractions!
I worry that I’m not spending time when it matters...
I cry when I realize nothing stays the same!
I am me, Amy, wife, mom, teacher, coach and a writer.
I understand why nothing stays the same.
I say that change is a good thing.
I dream that change can happen and be positive.
I try to reflect on the outcome of change!
I hope that reflection can lead to growth.
I am me, Amy, wife, mom, teacher, coach and a writer!

This poem about me was inspired during the beginning of my personal work to become better at writing so I could teach it better...It was inspired by my friend Sue...